VisualStyle::StyleSheet Class


A list of class methods.



Array of named styles.


ApplyDividerStyles Method

Add to a specified class border style overrides from another class applied to specified edge (top,left,bottom,right).

BakeToCSS Method

Create CSS stylesheet from a visual stylesheet, css_format describes the level & features to implement.

CombineStyles Method

Returns style definition for combination of all styles named in classNames list.

DefinesBaseStyle Method

Returns true if any custom variants match the passed in style (i.e. even if there is no base type, any custom types will cause true if style h).

DeleteStyle Method

Delete a Style.

ExpandBoxStyles Method

Expands 'box' styles based on root style(s) (if borders are defined) - removes borders from the 'base' style, which will only be kept around if it includes non-border properties.

FromCSS Method

Populate a stylesheet from a CSS definition (uses HTML attributes & format wherever possible).

FromString Method

Populate a stylesheet from a stylesheet definition.

GetPositionalStyle Method

Return the best psuedo-style (i.e. alt,first,last varients).

GetPsuedoFlags Method

Reports bitwise flags for psuedo-style.

GetPsuedoInfo Method

Get psuedo info for a base class (i.e. all classes defined).

LinkedStyleReset Method

Force linked styles cache to be invalidated (so that changes to styles are reflected).

LinkedStyleSheet Method

Convert name into style sheet definition.

MatchPatternCount Method

Return the number of styles that match a given pattern.

MatchPatternNames Method

Return a list of style names that match a pattern.

Output Method

Dump the style sheet list (format specs: $N=name,$B=base name,$P=Psuedo-class).

Resolve Method

Resolves a style from a name - finds closest match (always returns a valid style).

ResolveExact Method

Resolves a style from a name - finds exact match, or fails.

ResolveMultiple Method

Resolves one OR many styles into a single stype element (multiple selector support).

StyleNumber Method

Get the index of a Style from the name.

ToCSS Method

Output style sheet to CSS version.

ToReportAliasNames Method

Converts mapped names back to alias (used for css-name mapping in visual style).

ToRestStyle Method

Emit stylesheet (matching prefix, ommitted) - to rest output.

ToString Method

Output a stylesheet definition.