Character Operators


Character operators are used between character expressions to yield character results.

+ Concatenation

This operator concatenates (combines) two character strings into a single new character string. Put another way, The concatenation operator appends Operand2 (a character value) to Operand1. If Operand1 is not a character value, it is automatically converted to a character value before the concatenation operation. In the resulting character string, the entire value stored in the first field is positioned before the value from the second field. See also Character Addition Functions

- (Concatenation with Trim Operator)

The Concatenation with Trim operator removes trailing spaces from Operand1 and then appends Operand2 to Operand1. In other words, this operator strips trailing blanks from the first field and then concatenates it with the second field to form a single new character string. See also Character Addition Functions