Publishing a Web Project


Publishing one or more files in a project places them in a server directory, so that the Application Server can make them available to users.

When developing an application, you will publish to your computer's local webroot. You can see pages in this location, but they are not available to anyone else. When an application has been completed, you will publish to a web server. The publishing process is the same in both cases. Only the destinations differ.

Take a look at Publishing a Page to a Server for a step by step example of configuring a profile and alias, and then publishing a page to a server.
  1. Select the project in the Web Projects list that you wish to publish.

  2. Click Publish to display the Publish Web Project dialog box.

  3. Make a selection from the Select Profile list box.

  4. Choose the Files to publish. The options are:

    • All files in Project

    • Selected files

    • Current file

  5. If you chose "Selected files" in step 4, click Select Files to display the Select Files dialog box.

    • 1.Place a checkmark next to each file that you wish to publish.

    • 2.Click OK to continue or Cancel to discard your selections.

  6. Optionally, check Only publish new or modified files to only copy files newer than those already published.

  7. Optionally, click Clear Publishing History to allow you to publish all files whether modified or not when you click Publish.

  8. If you are publishing with FTP, you will see the Publish Database Files check box. Check this control if you want to upload any database files or tables.

    • 1.Click Edit List to display the Select Database Files to Publish dialog.

    • 2.If you are publishing Alpha Anywhere tables or sets, you may check Select all tables/sets in the Database. Otherwise, place checkmarks next to the files you wish to publish.

    • 3.If you are publishing other files, such as Microsoft Access databases, click Add File to display the Add File dialog.

    • 4.Browse to, select the file to publish, and click Open. Repeat for any additional files.

    • 5.Click OK to return to the Publish Web Project dialog.

  9. Optionally, check Launch browser after files are published to immediately see the impact of the newly published files.

  10. Optionally, if you checked Launch browser after files are published you may select the initial web page to display.

  11. Click Publish to copy the selected project components or click Cancel to quit without taking any action.

    You can see a list of the files you are going to publish. This will allow you to confirm that the publishing history feature is working correctly. To set this property, select View > Settings > System > Preferences > Web Publishing.


Web publishing applications only.

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