Web Applications


Alpha Anywhere web publishing allows you easily create and publish web pages. These web pages allow an unlimited number of remote users with Internet browsers to read, and optionally edit and insert records in your Alpha Anywhere, Microsoft Access, or other ADO/ODBC compatible database.

These pages support the full range of HTML and Cascading Style Sheet features that you would find on any Internet web site. The significant advantages of publishing your data in this manner are that you do not have to be an HTML or JavaScript programmer. Although, there is much that you might add to your pages if you have these skills, they are absolutely not needed. The design of your web pages is done with high level menus (genies) where you specify what you want. The Web Component Builder and HTML Editor generate all required coding in the background. At all stages of the design process you have WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) views that show you what your user is going to see.

You use the Web Component Builder to build components (which know how to retrieve and display your data). Then you use the HTML Editor to place the components into HTML pages (with the .A5W extension). Finally, the Application Server delivers standard HTML and JavaScript pages to your Internet connected users.

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