Page Variables


You can reference page variables in the events in a dialog component by using the "PageVariables" prefix. For example, assume that you have a page that is loaded using this URL:


Assume that this page contains a dialog component. When the page is run, a variable called custID is created with a value of "000001". Inside the dialog component's Initialize event, you could use this code:

dim t as P
dim rec as N
if eval_valid("PageVariables.custID") then
    t ="[PathAlias.ADB_Path]\customer")
    rec = t.fetch_find(PageVariables.custID)
    if (rec > 0) then
        customer_id = t.Customer_id
        firstname = t.Firstname
        lastname = t.Lastname
        city = t.Bill_city
    end if
end if


Web publishing applications only.

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