Introduction - Web Applications


This tutorial is intended to help new users of Alpha Anywhere to develop fully functional web database applications. The underlying assumption of this tutorial is that you have Alpha Anywhere and the AlphaSports sample database.

 Errors and Comments

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 Conventions Used in this Tutorial

When you create a page that the Application Server will process and send to a remote Internet connected user, initially the page will contain both standard HTML and Javascript code, and special Xbasic code that allows the user to interact with the Application Server. To distinguish these types of code, the samples presented here will show the HTML and Javascript in brown, and the Xbasic in blue, as illustrated below.

<%a5 dim favorite_color as C %>
<meta name="generator" content="Alpha Anywhere HTML Editor">
<p>What is your favorite color?
<FORM ACTION =" <%a5 ? request.script_name %> ">
     <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="favorite_color"> 
<p>You picked <b> <%a5 ? favorite_color %> </b></p>