Configure Desktop Web Users Form Dialog
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The Configure Desktop Web Users Form dialog allows you to design the Enter/Edit Web Users dialog that is used to maintain the list of users of your web applications. To open this dialog:
Enter/Edit Web Users Dialog
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This picture shows a sample Enter/Edit Web Users dialog as configured by the Configure Desktop Web Users Form dialog. Note that the Comment field is an additional, un-required field that was added to the user security table.
Adding Users from the Desktop
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All users who login to your web application have to be first registered in the user table. If you have fields other than UserID in the Enter / Edit Web Users dialog, you must first add them to the user table ("mytable") with a conventional desktop form or browse.
Desktop Design Form
An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.
Managing Users and Groups in Desktop Applications
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Security/Users and Groups.xml
How to use the Users and Groups Dialog in Desktop Application Security.
Creating Online Forms for Web Security Users
/pages/Obsolete/Creating Online Forms for Web Security Users.xml
This approach is obsolete in Alpha Anywhere. Refer to the Web Application Security Guide.
Adding Users with a Web Component
/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/Component/Adding Users with a Web Component.xml
Step by step instructions for adding users to a web component.
Desktop Applications - Counting Number of Users of An Application
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A Desktop Application can be in use by users of the full version of Alpha Anywhere and the Runtime Version of Alpha Anywhere. To get a count of the total number of users who are using the application you need to know how many Runtime users are using the application and how many Full Version users are using the application.
How to Register New Users in a Web Application
/pages/HowTo/Security/Create New User.xml
An interface for adding new users to the security system in web applications can be created using the UX Component.
All Users Dialog
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Obsolete. The All Users dialog allows you to create new user groups and define the groups that are allowed to log in.