Web Grid Enhancements V11
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{grid.object}.activateControlContainer Method
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If a control is inside a Tab or Accordion container, this activates the pane in which the control in contained. Only applies to input controls.
{dialog.object}.activateControlContainer Method
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If a control is inside a Tab or Accordion container, activates the pane in which the control in contained. This method will also activate the PanelCard in which the control has been placed.
What's New in Version 11
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Welcome to Alpha Five Version 11! If you thought we added a ton of functionality in Versions 10 and 10.5 plus the Feature Packs, you may have to recalibrate your notion of what defines a "ton of functionality".
All Method Topics
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A list of many of Alpha Anywhere's methods
Property-Grid Style Dialog
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To create a property-grid style Xdialog.
Open a Grid component
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Opens a grid component in a pop-up window, or in a DIV on the current page. This requires first defining a grid component.
Setting Dialog Control Properties
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Select each control in the Control Types list to display its Control Properties menu. There are many optional properties for each control. The default values for these properties produce a useable starting configuration for your dialog. This means that you can largely ignore these optional properties when you are learning to build dialogs or you expect to gradually refine your design in later revisions. A dialog component has few requirements. You are free to add and format controls (of any type) as you wish. The ((|#Data_Type|Data Type)) setting informs the page how to validate input to a control. It does not affect the type of data generated by a control, which is always "character" data.
Record Navigator and Grid Toolbar
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The Record Navigator lets you design how users to move through the records shown in your application. It also lets you change the appearance of the navigation part of your grid. If you want your record navigator to take the form of a tree-control there is a section in the properties for this here. Included in the Record Navigator properties is the Help Window property. This will allow you to build Help for your application, check out this page to see more information on building a Help system.
Record Navigation and Dialog Search
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Requires the Dialog Component - Record Navigation and Dialog Search feature pack, included in subscription Using this Feature Pack you can easily add functionality to let you navigate from record to record in a Dialog Component that has been bound to a database. The videos show how you can implement First/Next/Previous/Last buttons to move from record to record, how you can add a slider control to navigate from record to record, or how you can add a List View control to the Dialog to show you a list of key values that you can click on to navigate to a particular record in your Database.