Using Web Forms
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Covers using text boxes, using list boxes, using multiple selection list boxes, using radio buttons, using check boxes
Using Forms
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Forms provides a detailed, one-record-at-a-time view of data in a table or set, and are most commonly used for data entry. Forms also make it easy to enter and modify data stored in multiple tables in a database. In this lesson, you learn how to create and use basic Forms.
Using Charts on Forms
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In a desktop form, you can add a chart by selecting the Embedded Chart icon from the toolbox and dragging a rectangle for the chart on the form. The chart builder will come up, and you can configure it as described in Chart Control. All form variables will be available to the chart.
Creating Online Forms for Web Security Users
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This approach is obsolete in Alpha Anywhere. Refer to the Web Application Security Guide.
Using SQL Tables in Web Security
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SQL tables can be used with the web security tables through the use of active link tables. The web security code supports active link tables but does not actually use the active link table. Instead, it just creates appropriate SQL statements based on the table definitions and accesses the SQL tables directly. Therefore the speed running against SQL tables is approximately the same as against DBF tables and may actually be faster if there are a large number of users.
How to Publish Multiple Web Projects Using Subfolders
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If multiple projects are published to the same Application Server (such as often done in development) they have to be published to discrete folders under webroot to segregate the projects. This is done by giving each project a unique target folder in the publish profile.

There is no problem with different projects being in subfolders under webroot.

Run multiple applications or web sites by using multiple Application Server configuration files
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Traditionally, Application Server administrators provide service for multiple applications by using a single instance of the Application Server, placing each distinct application within a different subdirectory under the webroot.
Web Application
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Functions for working with web applications, web application security, web components, and the Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server.
Web Applications
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Alpha Anywhere web publishing allows you easily create and publish web pages. These web pages allow an unlimited number of remote users with Internet browsers to read, and optionally edit and insert records in your Alpha Anywhere, Microsoft Access, or other ADO/ODBC compatible database.
Web Grid
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Regarding the Web Grid...