.NET Framework Support
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Alpha Anywhere supports calling into .NET Framework assemblies from Xbasic. This opens up a wealth of additional capabilities for Xbasic programs for very little effort.

The .NET Framework support is encapsulated by an object-oriented Xbasic wrapper in the form of a namespace. In practice, this means that once someone has written the few lines of Xbasic code it takes to import a .NET class, calling that class's methods will be no more complicated than calling any other Xbasic function.

Alpha Five V11 Help Pages
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Improvements from Alpha Five V11.
Alpha Five V11
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Page links and information relating to A5 V11.
What's New in Version 11
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Welcome to Alpha Five Version 11! If you thought we added a ton of functionality in Versions 10 and 10.5 plus the Feature Packs, you may have to recalibrate your notion of what defines a "ton of functionality".
Videos Released for Alpha Five Version 11
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About Activating Alpha Five
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Answers some questions about activating Alpha Five, such as "What is activation?" and "What is an activation Key?".
Alpha Five V9
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Improvements from Alpha Five V9.
Server Programming Changes in Alpha Five Version 11
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A list of server programming functions, including descriptions of functions and methods that have been removed or deprecated in Alpha Five Version 11.
Creating .NET Arrays in Xbasic
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This section discusses creating .Net Array objects from Xbasic.
Alpha Five V8
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Improvements from Alpha Five V8.