Action Javascript for the UX
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Action Javascript adds functionality to your app by defining behaviors using property sheets. The code required to perform the actions is generated for you. These articles cover a wide variety of Action Javascripts available in the UX Component.
Action Buttons
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Action Buttons Properties
Run Action
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The Run Action runs an action that was defined using Javascript.
Action Commenting
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In the Action Scripting Editor you may add, delete, and edit comments attached to your action scripts. When you select an action, it is highlighted with light purple.
Action Scripting
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This page describes how to create, edit, and delete an action script.
Xbasic Action Scripting
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An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.
Overview - Action Scripting
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In this overview, we'll give a basic introduction to Action Scripting.
Action Scripting Help Pages
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Links to pages relating to action scripting
Creating Custom Action Scripts
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While the Pre-Defined buttons are useful, they will not satisfy all your customization needs. You will need more elaborate, multi-step scripts that are executed when a user clicks a button on a form. This example creates a button that saves the current record, puts the form into Enter mode for entering a new record, sets the Bill_Country field default value to "United States," and then gives focus to the Firstname field, where the user can continue entering data for the new record.
Getting Started - Action Scripting
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Typically, scripting in Alpha Anywhere would require knowledge of its programming language Xbasic. However, with Action Scripting, you can program using logical steps or actions, rather than by writing code, reducing the need to learn Xbasic. In this lesson, you learn about creating Action Scripts and using them to automate and customize your database application.