Action Scripting - Xdialog Genie
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The Xdialog Genie in Action scripting has several powerful new controls.
Action Buttons Properties
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Action Buttons Properties
Script Modes - Action Scripting
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This page looks at the Standard, Local, and Spawn modes that are used to run a script.
Toolbar 'Action Buttons'
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Define custom buttons ('Action Buttons') to place in the Grid toolbar.
Toolbar 'Action Buttons'
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Define custom buttons ('Action Buttons') to place in the Detail View toolbar.
Benefits of Action Scripting
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Action Scripting offers several benefits when compared to the traditional methods of creating scripts.
Making an Action Conditional
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In our Action Script, the second Action which displays the message box executes even if the user clicks the cancel button when prompted for his or her name. Try this:
Query by Expression - Action Scripting
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The Query by Expression action displays the Query by Expression dialog, which allows the user to enter a character filter expression that selects records and a character order expression that sequences the selected records. This provides users with an extremely easy and flexible method of creating ad-hoc expression-based queries at run-time.
Button Action - SetActivePanel Properties
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Configure the active panel shown when the ControlBar button is clicked.
Introduction to Action Scripting (Desktop)
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Action Scripting is a visual way for creating scripts in Alpha Anywhere desktop applications. In this guide, you'll learn about Action Scripting and how to use it in your desktop apps.