Server-side Action Scripting
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As we saw in [Genies for the UX Component], server-side Action Scripting can generate code for several major scenarios appropriate for the dialog afterDialogValidate and onDialogInitialize event handlers:
Copying an Action From One Script to Another
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Actions can be copied from one script to another. Learn how this is done in this guide.
Creating a Button that Calls an Action Script
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Configure a button that uses an action script and the OnPush Event. This page contains a code explanation.
Creating and Programming a Hotspot with Action Scripting
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The following procedure assumes that the developer has opened the form in the Form Editor . Follow these instructions to use Action Scripting to create and format a hotspot similar to hotspot4 .
Using an Action Script Genie in the Xbasic Editor
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Just because you are in the Xbasic Code Editor does not mean you cannot take advantage of the Action Script Genies. This example shows how to use the Action Script Editor to generate code to paste into an Xbasic script.
Javascript Actions
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Javascript Actions enable you to call Action Javascript anywhere you can use JavaScript in the Grid Component.
Using the Pop-Up Event Editor - Action Scripting
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The Pop-Up Event Editor differs from the Code Editor in that it's a modal window, whereas the Code Editor is modeless. The pop-up editor is useful for making quick changes to an event, or getting a quick overview of all the events for a particular object. In this lesson you will use the form's onactivate event to maximize the form (make it fill the entire screen) whenever the form gets focus. Then you will use the form's CanSave event to fill in the shipping address fields if they haven't been set. The CanSave event fires whenever an attempt is made to save a record in a form or browse. The script typically checks if certain conditions have been met. If these conditions have not been met, the script can cancel the event (the record won't be saved).
Creating an Action Script for a Button on a Form
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The scripts we've been working with so far are not associated with any particular "events." To run the "Lesson1" script, you double-click it in the Control Panel. This script is called a Global Script because it can be run at any time.
Creating Your First Action Script
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To follow the examples in this tutorial, open the Learning Action Scripting workspace stored in the "Learning Action Scripting" folder in the main folder where you installed Alpha Anywhere.
Using Action Script to Select a Record and Display a Form
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Button3 runs an Action Script that is partially controlled by a value on the form. The script has a single action that displays information about the product selected on the invoice line item in the embedded browse. Since they are both views of the same set, the Product_id field is synchronized with the browse.