Alpha Anywhere File Types
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If you look at an Alpha Anywhere database through Windows Explorer, you will see that there are many files that begin with each table's or set's name, but have different file extensions. The following table provides a cross reference to lists of functions and methods relevant to each file type.
Alpha Five V9
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Improvements from Alpha Five V9.
Alpha Five V8
/pages/Index/Alpha Five V8.xml
Improvements from Alpha Five V8.
About Activating Alpha Five
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Answers some questions about activating Alpha Five, such as "What is activation?" and "What is an activation Key?".
Alpha Five V11 Help Pages
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Improvements from Alpha Five V11.
Videos Released for Alpha Five Version 11
/pages/ReleaseNotes/Alpha Five Version 11 Videos.html
Importing Different File Types
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A guide on importing excel spreadsheets and importing CSV, TXT and other ASCII Files,
Server Programming Changes in Alpha Five Version 11
/pages/Troubleshooting/Upgrading to Alpha Anywhere/Server Programming Functions and Methods.xml
A list of server programming functions, including descriptions of functions and methods that have been removed or deprecated in Alpha Five Version 11.
Web Application Videos Released for Alpha Five Version 10
/pages/ReleaseNotes/Alpha Five Version 10 Videos.html
Alpha Five V11
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Page links and information relating to A5 V11.