Working with Pointer Arrays
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Pointer arrays (also called "property arrays") allow you to represent "multi-columned" data in an array. For example, for a customer, you have information about the customer's name, address, phone number etc.
Working with .Net Arrays
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Arrays in Xbasic use one-based indexing. In other programming languages, arrays are zero-indexed. In this guide, you will learn how to work with .Net arrays in Xbasic.
Creating .NET Arrays in Xbasic
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This section discusses creating .Net Array objects from Xbasic.
Xbasic Arrays
To store a series of data values of the same data type together under the same variable name, declare the variable as an array. Arrays are useful for collecting and processing lists of information. They must be explicitly defined with the *[xb:DIM]* statement before they are used. The declaration must include the Array Size which is the maximum number of data elements the array will contain.
Iterating Through Arrays, Collections, and Lists
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You will frequently find yourself working with groups of data elements outside of a table. Xbasic provides tools for working with data in three formats:
Arrays, Object Pointer Varialbes, and Collections
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Using Events to Modify Arrays used in Dialog Box Controls
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The following example displays a dialog with two list boxes, 'AvailableCities' and 'SelectedCities'. The buttons on the dialog allow the user to select from the list of available cities and place them in the selected cities list. The Up and Down buttons allow the user to change the order of the cities in the list.
List Control and Data Series - Using Argument Arrays in SQL Queries
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You can use an IN clause with an argument array in the SQL query for a Data Series or List Control.
array append_arrays Method
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Appends one or more arrays to an array.

Array append_arrays_filtered Method
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Appends one or more filtered arrays to an array.