Checkboxes and RadioButtons - Columnar Layout
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There is an option to lay out the choices in a checkbox or radiobutton group in multiple rows and columns. You can specify the 'snaking' style - left-to-right-then-top-to-bottom, or top-to-bottom-then-left-to-right.
Placing Check boxes, Radio Buttons, and Lists
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A check box, radio button, list, or edit combo box is a variation of a type-in control that is bound to a table field. In each case the user has the option of selecting from two or more pre-defined values. In the case of an edit combo box, the user can also enter a new value.
Defining Choices for Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, and Drop Down Boxes
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There are three types of fields that you can place on grids and forms that can present the user with multiple selection choices. These are:
Using Customized Radio Buttons in an Absolute Layout Container
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Radio-buttons can be used when there is a need to limit the users of an application to selecting one choice from a number of options. When using radio-buttons inside an absolute layout container, the button choices displayed inside to radio-button control can be customized to appear as individual checkboxes.
Radio Buttons
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Creating and using radio button controls.
Owner Draw Radio Buttons
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This dialog box demonstrates Freeform Radio buttons that use images instead of text. The B directive sets the style of the button, shading the background of the button when the mouse is over it. The T directive defines the bubble help text. The I directive defines the image to be displayed.
Alphabet Buttons and Custom Buttons' Search
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The 'Alphabet Buttons/Custom Buttons' Search feature creates an alphabet that users can utilize in searching for records alphabetically within a given field. For example, if you specify that your Alphabet buttons should search on the lastname field, when you click on the 'B' button, all records with lastnames that start with 'B' are shown. This section contains all of the properties that can be used to shape this search feature.
Prompt Using Radio Buttons
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The Prompt Using Radio Buttons action will prompt the user with a list of radio button choices and record the selected button in a text variable.
Layout Objects and Functions
Objects and functions for manipulating various layouts in Desktop applications.
Custom Styling for Radio Buttons
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While the default HTML radio buttons work well for a number of applications it is sometimes useful to be able to customize the size, shape, and color or radio buttons. This ability is particularly useful for mobile applications which rely on an onPress event; where the normal size radio buttons might be too small for some fingers.