Print and PDF Functions
/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Printable Layouts/Print and PDF Functions/index.xml
Functions for working with PDFs and printing in Alpha Anywhere.
Functions and Expressions
/pages/Guides/Xbasic/Functions and Expressions.xml
Functions are pre-defined operators which can be used in an expression to perform an operation. Expressions, which are similar to mathematical equations, are used throughout Alpha Anywhere to specify search criteria, put records in a particular order, link tables in a set, and more.
Adding Users and Groups
/pages/Guides/Security Framework/Users and Groups/Adding Users and Groups.xml
Users and Groups can be added to the web security table through the Web Security dialog.
Placing Lines and Frames
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Form/Placing Lines and Frames.xml
Lines and frames can make layouts more visually appealing and easier to read. Tools for creating these objects can be found on the Toolbox , discussed earlier in this chapter. For more information on using these tools, refer to the following subsections.
Page Numbers and Dates
/pages/Guides/Report/Adding System and Calculated Fields/Page Numbers and Dates.xml
You may use the Drag-and-Drop List to place objects on a layout of any type:
Sorting and Selecting Overview
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/FieldRules/Sorting and Selecting Overview.xml
A key function of a database management system is the ability to select specific records and put them in a particular order. Ordering records puts them in a specified sequence, like ordering last names alphabetically. Ordering is also referred to as sorting. Alpha Anywhere provides a variety of tools for finding, selecting, and ordering records. You can perform powerful and complex searches to group your data into lists that match your specific criteria.
Follow Changes and Enters
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Form/Follow Changes and Enters.xml
The Follow Changes/Enters function repositions the record pointer when you change or add a key value in the current index. The requirements are that:
/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Web/Web Application/Application Functions/A5W_CHECKBOXES Function.xml
Generate code for Checkbox controls.
Linked Grids and Content
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Linked Grids and Content/index.xml
When you are designing a grid, you can embed a 'Linked Grid' object or objects inside the grid part just as you would any other object (such as Tabs, Images, Frames, etc..).
Getting and Setting Styles and Class Names
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/Core Libraries/Style and Class Functions/index.xml
The JavaScript functions below provide an easy way to get and set the in-line style, can class of HTML elements. The passed in argument of "ELEMENT" can be a pointer to an HTML element, or the ID or NAME of an HTML element. The functions will automatically fetch the element if you pass in an ID or NAME.