Could not open OLE object a5contexteval.contexteval
/pages/Desktop/Reference/Design/OLE/Could not open OLE object a5contexteval.contexteval.xml
Error running "startup_xdialog_context" could not open OLE object 'a5contexteval.contexteval.
OLE Automation Object Browser
/pages/Desktop/Reference/Design/OLE/OLE Automation Object Browser.xml
The OLE Automation Object Browser allows you to investigate the properties, methods, events, and constants of ActiveX controls on your computer. When using the Xbasic Code Editor, selecting View > OLE Automation Browser displays the new browser.
The ordinal 2630 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll
/pages/Troubleshooting/Web Server/The ordinal 2630 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll.xml
This error message can occur when an older version of OpenSSL is running on your computer when Alpha Anywhere is installed. It is only a real problem if Alpha Anywhere will not start after installation. See the Installation issues section of Encryption Algorithms for more information.
OLE Methods
Methods available for a OLE object.
OLE Properties
/pages/Desktop/Reference/Design/OLE/OLE Properties.xml
OLE setup properties, border properties, and dimension properties.
/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/System/OLE/OLE.class=CONSTANTS Method.xml
For internal use only.
OLE and ActiveX Methods
/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/System/OLE/OLE and ActiveX Methods.xml
Alpha Anywhere provides the following ActiveX/OLE methods.
Translating OLE Syntax Examples
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/OLE/Translating OLE Syntax Examples.xml
The Alpha Anywhere application developer who wants to integrate his application with Microsoft Office will be able to find Visual Basic or Visual FoxPro code samples. These samples can be easily converted to Xbasic format.
OLE Programmatic Identifier
/pages/Desktop/Reference/Design/OLE/OLE Programmatic Identifier.xml
Programmatic Identifier is a simply a short name used to describe the object.
OLE Format Strings
/pages/Desktop/Reference/Design/OLE/OLE Format Strings.xml
Functions which accept format strings, process those strings on a character by character basis. as each character is processed, it is replaced with the value indicated in the tables below. If a character is not recognized it is passed to the output string unchanged.