Vertical Lines on Reports
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Have you ever wanted to create an invoice or purchase order that has vertical lines separating the columns? This might sound easy at first, but how do you get every invoice to appear the same when the number of records varies from one to another? Using the old adage, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention," I was forced to come up with something for a customer. Since I would never know how many records might be in the child table (1), I couldn't just put a border on each field (limiting the border to right and left only). This would give me inconsistent results.
Generating Reports
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Printing, emailing, and faxing reports.
Creating Custom Menus
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Alpha Anywhere lets you create your own custom menus. You can attach custom menus to forms, browses, and print preview windows. These menus are called drop-down menus. You can also attach custom right-click menus to:
Managing Reports
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Copying, archiving, and working with report preferences.
Printing Reports
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The Printing Reports topic describes a technique available to Alpha Anywhere database users.
Quick Reports
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Building reports with the Quick Report Genie
Creating the Navigation Toolbar
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The NavigationToolbar toolbar provides an alternative mechanism for displaying the different forms of the AlphaSports application. Looking at the definition of the Invoices button, you can see that the Button Action is "Play Global Script" and the Script Name is "invoice_form" - the same properties as BUTTON1 , thereby reusing the invoice_form script.
Reports Help Topics
Troubleshooting Issues with Reports.
Reports with Different Left and Right Margins
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It possible to format a report, so that alternate pages will have different left and right margins. This technique requires two steps:
Layout Table Reports
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Learn how to create and use Layout Table Reports.