Working with SQL Reports
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There are 2 different approaches to building a SQL Report.
Embedding Charts in Reports
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To embed a chart in a report, first create a new Quick Report, then save it as a Layout Table Report, using the Open in Report Editor button. In the Layout Table Report Designer, add a row to hold the chart, enlarge the row and merge enough cells to make room for the desired chart size, and add the chart to the layout by double-clicking in the large cell to bring up the Cell contents dialog.
Creating a Workspace
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Database/Creating a Workspace.xml
In this lesson, you learn about designing a workspace application. You create a new workspace and workspace tables, and learn about defining data fields.
Charting in Reports
Embedding charts in reports.
Creating Buttons that Run Code
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Xdialog/Controls/Buttons/Creating Buttons that Run Code.xml
How to create a button with an action script and attach a script to a button. This page also contains an explanation of the code involved in doing this.
Getting Started with Reports
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Learn about the Report Editor and how to work with reports with different types of data sources.
Reports - Layout Table Reports - Absolute Layout
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Layout Table Reports - Absolute Layout.xml
Layout Table Reports now support absolute positioning of fields. This feature is similar to the absolute positioning of controls in a UX component using an AbsoluteLayout container.
Creating and Using a Conditional Object
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A conditional object is a multi-level rectangular frame used to conditionally display and hide groups of objects. Conditional objects behave like tabbed objects, except that instead of tabs, each page is automatically selected by Alpha Anywhere based on the expressions you enter. A page is selected when the expression evaluates to TRUE. If no expression evaluates to true, the default page is shown.
Reports - HTML Calculated Fields
/pages/Guides/Report/Adding System and Calculated Fields/Reports HTML Calculated Fields.xml
You can now define calculated fields in a report that render as HTML. Your calculated field expression returns an HTML string which Alpha Anywhere renders. This is a very powerful new feature. It will allow users to exercise an enormous amount of creativity in formatting a report. To use this feature, define a calculated field using the new printHTML() function.
Creating an Alpha Anywhere Database
/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Database/Creating an Alpha Five Database.xml
The Creating an Alpha Anywhere Database topic describes techniques appropriate for Alpha Anywhere database users. To create or modify an Alpha Anywhere database, you must leave the Web Projects Control Panel and open the Alpha Anywhere Control Panel.