Dividing a Report into Columns
/pages/Guides/Report/Design Techniques/Dividing a Report into Columns.xml
Alpha Anywhere lets you split the detail section, a group section, or the entire report into two or more columns. This lets you make better use of space on a page and to save paper. When you divide a section into columns, all edit regions within the section are divided into columns.
Report Help Pages
/pages/Index/Report Help Pages.xml
Pages relating to reports.
Placing Dynamic Content into Browse Columns
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Browse/Placing Dynamic Content into Browse Columns.xml
You may place dynamic (computed) content into any column of a browse. The column may contain any combination of the following content:
Color Columns in a Browse
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Browse/How to Color Columns in a Browse.xml
The color of a browse column is a property that you can set at design time or at run time with Xbasic code. To set a browse column color at design time.
Columns from a Table or View
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/SQL/Columns from a Table or View.xml
This approach to defining a SQL SELECT statement requires less knowledge of SQL.
Emailing a Report
/pages/Guides/Report/Generating Reports/Emailing a Report.xml
Alpha Anywhere supports different techniques for emailing a report.
Archiving a Report
/pages/Guides/Report/Managing Reports/Archiving a Report.xml
Alpha Anywhere lets you create archive copies of your reports. For example, if you generate end of the month statements using Alpha Anywhere and create archive copies of the statements, you can go back and look at the statements for a particular month at any time. To archive a report, right-click on a Report, and select Archive.
Faxing a Report
/pages/Guides/Report/Generating Reports/Faxing a Report.xml
Alpha Anywhere supports direct faxing of reports using the built-in Windows Fax Service. Fax messages are queued, managed, and sent in the background by the Windows Fax Queue ( Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Fax > Fax Queue ).
Using a Layout Table Report
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Using a Layout Table Report.xml
Previewing, printing, saving, and E-mailing the report and embedding a layout table report as Xbasic and HTML in an A5W page.
Editing a Layout Table Report
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Editing a Layout Table Report.xml
Editing a Layout Table Report is somewhat different from editing a Free Form Report, although many operations, such as adding a field to the report, are the same for the two types of report. For general information about Free Form reports, see Report Topics. When editing a Layout Table Report, however, you must think in terms of rows and columns and regions, as though you were working in a spreadsheet or HTML table — which, in fact, may be your ultimate targets for the report.