Client Side Processing
/pages/Obsolete/from tlc/Client Side Processing/Client Side Processing.xml
Client-side processing is performed with Javascript, sometimes with the help of Native PhoneGap code in cases where the client needs to access hardware specific features, such as the camera, the GPS, or the file system.
Client-side Data Cache Editor
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Menu/Client-side Data Cache Editor/index.xml
Download and store data - files, images, data from a SQL database, etc - locally on the client using the Client-side Data Cache. Data stored on the client can be referenced locally using JavaScript and is available offline in mobile applications.
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Code/Client-side Events/canRowSubmit.xml
Fires when the user tries to submit changes to a row. If the event returns false, the action is cancelled.
Open a Calendar component
/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Open a Calendar component.xml
Open a Calendar component in a pop-up window, or in a DIV on the current page.
Custom Component Sections and Events
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Custom/Custom Component Sections and Events.xml
Let's go over the Sections and Events of the Custom Component Builder.
The Grid Component
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/index.xml
Guides on how to use the grid builder, grid properties and features, example pages, and more.
Open a AppLauncher component
/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Open a AppLauncher component.xml
Open a AppLauncher component in a pop-up window, or in a DIV on the current page.
Grid Component Capabilities
/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/Grid/Grid Component Capabilities.xml
Web publishing applications only. A grid component displays reads from and writes to your database and displays the data in a web page. The Grid Builder is a genie that you use to create grid components. The HTML Editor allows you to place grid components into A5W pages (an A5W page is a hybrid HTML/Xbasic page that is processed by the Application Server ). Grids have many optional capabilities that you can enable or disable through menus. Many properties of a new grid component have default properties. If you wish, you can set different default property values.
How to Populate a Dropdown Box Using the Client-side Data Cache in PhoneGap Applications
/pages/HowTo/UX/Populating Dropdown From Data Cache.xml
Dropdown boxes can be populated with data from the Client-side data cache at run-time.
How to Apply Security Settings Client-Side
/pages/HowTo/Security/Client Side Security.xml
Security settings can be applied client-side to dynamically display controls in an application, such as in PhoneGap applications.