UX Component
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The UX Component is one of the basic building blocks for Alpha Anywhere applications. It is generally the main component for creating mobile apps.
Calendar Component
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The Calendar Component allows you to display appointments that are stored in a SQL or DBF table in a calendar. New appointments can be added by clicking on the calendar. Existing appointments can be edited or moved.
Calendar Component
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The Calendar Component is a simple yet powerful web component that gives you an events calendar to with 8 different views, a drag and drop interface, easy integration with other components, and easy binding to SQL Databases or DBF.
Previewing the Grid
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When you republish the "AlphaSports_Customer_Grid" page, it will automatically republish its modified grid component.
UX Component
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This is an older UX Component page that gives a general overview of the builders categories, properties, and features. For a more current description of the UX builder visit the other UX Component page.
Mobile Component Help Pages
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Page links relating to the Mobile Component.
Grid Field Properties
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Grid Fields can contain many of the following properties:
Login Component
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The Login Component is used with the Alpha Anywhere Web Security System. It provides an interface for users to enter their credentials (i.e. user name and password) as well as optional options for password reset.
Component Definition
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This section appears when an embedded object is added to the UX component. Embedded object's can be added by clicking on the [Embedded] option in the 'Other Controls' section.
Web Grid Alternate Views
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The tabular and columnar views of a grid can convey a lot of information, but the human eye is much more sensitive to shapes and colors than it is to variations text. With an alternate view of a grid, you can display the same information in a way that grabs the user. If it's geographic information, the best display might be a map. If it's scheduling information, the best display might be a calendar. Note that an Alternate view displays the same number of rows as its associated grid. This is in contrast to a Linked component or a component in a Row Expander, both of which display data linked to or contained in the current row. When using alternate views, it is important to understand that the alternate view and the main view are given the same data. If your grid has a filter, it will also apply to the alternate view. If your grid is displaying 10 records on a page, the alternate view will display the same 10 records. To enable Alternate Views, check "Has Alternate Views" in the grid properties.