Single Parent Style GridLinker Component
/pages/Obsolete/Grid Linker Component/Single Parent Style GridLinker Component.xml
The gridlinker has been deprecated.
Create Grid Component From Meta Data File
/pages/Guides/Workspaces/Web Project Control Panel/create grid from metadata file.xml
Generate a Grid component from a Grid Meta Data File.
{grid.object}.getMapDataFromSearchPart Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/Grid/{grid.object}.getMapDataFromSearchPart Method.xml
If the Search Part has a map control, allows you to read the data from search part.
How to Export Records in a Grid Component to Excel or Ascii
/pages/HowTo/Grid/Export Grid to Excel or Ascii.xml
Records in a Grid Component can be exported to Excel or Ascii using built-in features of the Grid Component or Action Javascript.
How to Call a UX Component from a Grid and Pass Information from the UX Component Back into the Grid
/pages/HowTo/Grid/Calling a UX Component from a Grid and Pass Information from the Dialog Back to the Grid.xml
Steps and examples on how to do this are described in this page.
Alpha Five V10
/pages/Index/Alpha Five V10.xml
Improvements from Alpha Five V10
Initial value
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Fields/Grid Field Properties/Display Settings/initialvalue.xml

The initial value of the field. The initial value defines the default value for new records.

Quick Search
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Quick Search/index.xml
Quick Search allows you to create a search inside of your grid. This feature is different from the Search part that you create on the Component Type page by clicking Grid contains a 'Search' part. Because the Quick Search is part of the grid, its properties are defined here as well. Selecting the Has Quick Search property adds a single search control to your grid part. If you want to add a control at the top of each field in your grid, check out the Query by Example properties. If you include a Search Part in addition to a Quick Search, then the Search Part will perform searches within the subset of records selected by the Quick Search.
Open a UX component
/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Open a UX component.xml
Opens an UX component in a pop-up window, or in a DIV on the current page. (Only new Ajax components can be opened. Old dialogs built in V10 and earilier are not supported.
Web Grid Miscellaneous Enhancements
/pages/Index/Web Grid Miscellaneous Enhancements V11.xml
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