Home Page
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Platform/Xbasic Action Scripting/Home Page.xml
The Home Page action assists you in building a startup form that can be used�as�a main menu for your application.
Display Home page initially
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/TabbedUIProperties/displayhomepageinitially.xml
When the Tabbed UI Object is initially opened, should the Home Page be shown? If you uncheck this, then the Tabbed UI Menu Buttons pane is shown.
Home page URL
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/HomePage/homepageurl.xml
Specify the URL for the Home page. You can specify a static HTML document or dynamic .a5w page in your web project, or an external URL.
Home page HTML
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/HomePage/homepagehtml.xml
Specify the HTML that appears on the Home Page. TIP: The HTML can include <%a5...%> Xbasic code blocks which can reference session variables.
Home page HTML source
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/HomePage/homepagehtmlsource.xml
Specify if the HTML that appears on the Home page tab comes from a URL, or is defined locally.
Home Page Properties
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/HomePage/index.xml
Home Page Properties
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/Layout/Browse/BROWSE.HOME Method.xml
The .HOME() method moves the focus to the beginning of the row as if the user had pressed the Home key.
Page Variables
/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/Component/Page Variables.xml
You can reference page variables in the events in a dialog component by using the "PageVariables" prefix. For example, assume that you have a page that is loaded using this URL:
A5_IsHomeEdition Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/System/Developer Functions/A5_IsHomeEdition Function.xml
The A5_IsHomeEdition() function indicates whether the running program is the Alpha Five Home Edition. Returns .t. if user is running the Home edition
Ink Page
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Props/Data/Ink Properties/Ink properties/Ink Page/index.xml
The Ink page properties let you set background images on an ink view. They also let you add ruled pages and graph pages to the background of an ink control. This can be very useful for designing things and writing. There are many properties to adjust these changes to the background; to alter their size, color, and placement.