How to Use Output Arguments with Stored Procedures in Xbasic
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Most queries performed on a SQL database use Input arguments. However, Xbasic offers the ability to also use Output and InputOutput arguments return values from stored procedures.
Report Structure
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A Report is divided into several sections with headers and footers. These sections are the Report, Detail, and Groups sections.
Using the Browse Editor
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A browse provides a multi-record, tabular view of data in a table or set. Each row in a browse table corresponds to a record, and each column corresponds to a field. A browse can display fields from a table (or set) or selected fields. The fields can be in any order.
Using the Form Editor
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Form design overview and using the form editor.
How to use JavaScript Functions in Client-side Watch Expressions
/pages/HowTo/Other/use javascript functions in client side watch expressions.xml
Client-side watch expressions can call a user defined JavaScript functions as part of the expression.
Creating a Script to Print a Report for a Selected Record
/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Database/Creating a Script to Print a Report for a Selected Record.xml
In this example, you will create a script that prints out a mailing label for a particular customer. The script will prompt the user for the customer's name. This script will be a Global Script. as you will recall, a Global Script appears in the Control Panel in the Code tab, and can be run by double-clicking the script name, or clicking the Run button.
How to Dynamically Set the Client-side Mask
/pages/HowTo/Other/How to Dynamically Set the Client-side Mask.xml
A client-side mask can be set dynamically at runtime using JavaScript.
How to Filter Records in a Grid Component Using Information from the Extended User Info Table
/pages/HowTo/Grid/Filter Records Using Extended User Info.xml
Learn how to filter records in a Grid component based on the currently logged in user using the "USERID" field from the Extended User Information table.
How to Determine the Version for the Alpha Anywhere Development Environment
/pages/HowTo/Deployment_Testing/Determine the version of Alpha Anywhere.xml

Version information for Alpha Anywhere can be found under the Help menu in the About Alpha Anywhere dialog.

How to Filter a Grid on the Selected Rows in a List Control
/pages/HowTo/Grid/Filter Grid With Selected List Rows.xml
Argument arrays, combined with the SQL IN clause, are a powerful way to filter records shown in a Grid component.