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How to Configure an Amazon S3 Bucket
/pages/HowTo/Other/Configure an S3 Bucket.xml
Amazon S3 Buckets can be used to store files, such as images or documents. S3 Buckets can also be used with AlphaLaunch to host application installation files.
How To Configure Source Control to Ignore Alpha Anywhere Files
/pages/HowTo/Other/Configure Source Control.xml
Some files and directories in an Alpha Anywhere workspace can be excluded from source control.
How to Configure and Publish an Alpha Anywhere Application to a server Using HTTP Publishing
/pages/GettingStarted/GettingStartedTutorials/Basic Tutorials/PublishHTTP.xml
A step-by-step guide to configuring the Alpha Anywhere Application Server and publishing profile to publish your Alpha Anywhere Application using HTTP publish.
How to Configure the Project Style to use the Compact or Pulse Options
/pages/HowTo/Styling Applications/Configure Project Style.xml
Setting a global project style lets you easily configure and change the style used by your application in one place. Learn how to configure Project styles to use the compact and/or pulse theme (if supported) in the Web Project Settings.
How to Design a Custom Toolbar
/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Xdialog/Controls/How to Design a Custom Toolbar.xml
To design a custom toolbar:
How to Design a Custom Menu
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Form/Design a Custom Menu.xml
Covers designing a custom menu, inserting an item in a menu, new menu entries, pre-defined menu items, etc..
How to Export a SQL Query to Excel Using Xbasic
/pages/HowTo/Databases/Export SQL Query to Excel.xml
Excel files can be generated with data from Xbasic SQL queries in Alpha Anywhere.
How to Add a Chart Control to a UX Component
/pages/HowTo/Charts/Add a Chart to UX.xml
The Chart Control can be used to create charts that display information, such as stock values or trend lines, in a UX Component.
How to Add a Google Chart to a UX Component
/pages/HowTo/Charts/Add a Google Chart to a UX.xml
The Google visualization libraries offer an alternative to creating and displaying charts in a UX Component.