Layout Functions
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Functions for working with layouts in Alpha Anywhere
Form Layout
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The *[ui:Form Layout]* tab is where the layout of the FormView control is designed. The following properties are used to configure controls, maps, images, containers, and other items added to the Form Layout.
Flow Layout Settings Properties
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Settings for defining the behavior for an item in a Flow Layout container.
Default Named Layout
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Multiple Named Layouts/Default named layout.xml
The 'Default named layout' property determines what layout will be used as the default when you run your application.
Overview of Layout Tools
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Layouts are the primary means by which data is entered, viewed, and printed in Alpha Anywhere. There are five different kinds of layouts: Forms, Browses, Reports, Letters, and Labels. Layouts let you display and edit data. Form Layout:
Number of 'Layout' Columns
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Layout Options/Number of 'Layout' Columns.xml
The Number of 'Layout' Columns property takes all the information contained in a single record and displays it across a specified number of columns.
Specifying the Layout Filter
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When using the Report, Label and Letter layout editors, you can click the Select Records icon on the toolbar to specify the filter and order expression to select the records to be printed.
Recent Layout Menu
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In a large application with many Forms, Reports, Labels, etc. it can be time consuming to find the Layout that you last edited in the list of Layouts. Now, every time you edit a Layout, Alpha Five automatically adds the Layout to a 'Recent' menu. You can right click on the white-space in the Control Panel, or on a Layout name to bring up the 'Recent' menu. In the screenshot below you can see that the 'Products' Form was the most recently edited Form, and prior to that, the 'Edit_Customer_Info' Form had been edited.
Panel Layout Properties
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Panel Layouts are containers that can contain Panels, Panel Navigators, and even other Panel Layout containers. The Panel Layout Properties section allows you to define how the sub-containers inside a panel layout will act. For example, the direction that the containers will flow in, what method of animation will be used to display panels, what buttons reveal hidden panels, and more.
Table Functions
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Alpha Anywhere provides the following table functions.