Designing Reports for Sets with One-to-Many Links
/pages/Guides/Report/Design Techniques/Designing Reportsfor Sets with One-to-Many Links.xml
When you run a report, Alpha Anywhere treats a set as a single, composite table. For example, you have a set that links accounts to their respective debits and credits. For each record in the Account table, the Debits table can have multiple charges, and the Credits table multiple payments, Set Diagram:
How to give Desktop Application Forms and Reports Dynamic Internationalization
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Form/Dynamic Internationalization for Desktop Application Forms and Reports.xml
A developer asked about how you can dynamically change the labels on forms and reports depending on the user's preferred language. This video shows how this is easily done using the dynamic properties feature.
Reports - Custom Data Sources
/pages/Guides/Report/Creating Reports/Custom Data Sources.xml
When you create Report in Alpha Anywhere you could choose to base the report on a SQL data source, a native .dbf table, or a Custom data source. .
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/UI Functions/XDialog/Commands/LINKED Xdialog Command.xml
Creates external dependencies between separate xdialogs.
Report topics in Alpha Anywhere:
Printing Images in Reports
/pages/Guides/Report/Printing Techniques/Images in Reports.xml
Images stored in a database can be displayed in a report. This includes images stored as blob, base64, or image file reference fields as well as SVG and Ink data. Composite images can also be generated from picutre and ink data and shown in a report.
Information about the Amyuni PDF Printer driver shipped with Alpha Anywhere.
How to Suppress Blank Lines in Layout Table Reports
/pages/HowTo/Reports/Suppressing Blank Lines.xml
Learn how blank lines in static HTML elements and empty rows in a Layout Table report can be omitted when the report is generated.
Using Reports Created in SQL Server Reporting Services in an Alpha Anywhere Project
/pages/Guides/Report/SQL Server Reporting Services/index.xml
Many organizations use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and have a number of reports that were developed in SSRS. Using these reports in an Alpha Anywhere application is now possible using the SSRS integration features in Alpha Anywhere.
Form.ViewLinked Function
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/Layout/Form/Form.ViewLinked Method.xml
Opens a form and applies a filter and/or order expression. Link fields are automatically set when records are edited, or added. Style = "" for normal, "dialog", "hidden" or "hidden-dialog".