PDF Printing via Microsoft XPS Printer Driver Web Project Properties
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When you print a report in a Web Application, the printing is done using the Amyuni Printer driver, which Alpha Software licenses from Amyuni. With this update, we are releasing another way to get PDF reports.
High Order Characters Not Printing Correctly
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UTF8 Support was added to Reporting Alpha Anywhere, before UTF8 was supported, reports used localization 'Active Code Page'. When a report is printed with 'allow all international characters in a free-form report' Option set to true, all fields return UTF8 encoded content, while the legacy setting of 'false' causes fields to return ACP encoded data. In the case of data that is originally UTF8 encoded, using ACP can cause loss of characters not included in the 'Active Code Page'.
Linked Reports
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Linked Reports are Layout Table reports embedded into other reports, and linked with the host report on some field. Linked Reports are similar to Subreports, but more flexible — and, in fact, similar in functionality to Subreports in some other products. Using linked reports allows you to create ledger reports, among other useful report patterns that were not previously possible. In a ledger report, the Debit and Credit tables are both linked to the account table on the Account ID field, and it is possible to compute a balance on the account. Structurally, this pattern is the same as for a customer statement report that displays orders and payments.
Creating Reports
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Creating reports
Embedding Fonts in Reports
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If a PDF Report is opened on a device that does not have the font used to generate the PDF Report, the Report will not render as expected. To fix this, 'Embed fonts' must be enabled in the PDF options.
Quick Reports
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Building reports with the Quick Report Genie
Printing Scripts and Functions
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To print a script or function:
Creating Reports
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There are two approaches to creating reports.
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Creating sub-reports, filtering sub-report records, sub-report filter expressions, and setting the subgroup parameter for a sub-report.
Displaying and Printing Bitmaps
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Xbasic offers a large number of functions that will create, draw, display, and print bitmaps.