PDF Printing Utilities
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Alpha Anywhere offers new and optional PDF printing utilities. To access these new tools select Tools > PDF Tools from the main menu.
Reports Help Topics
Troubleshooting Issues with Reports.
Printing labels in a PDF
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Problem: When I download a PDF with mail labels, they don't line up on my printer when I print the PDF (usually stretched or switched from aspect).
Layout Table Reports
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Learn how to create and use Layout Table Reports.
Layout Table Reports
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Alpha Anywhere now has two styles of reports, the traditional free form banded report, and a new layout table banded report. For web use, most people will want to use the new layout table report with HTML output. To create a Layout Table Report, first create a report with the Quick Report Genie, then convert the Quick Report to a Layout Table Report.
Working with SQL Reports
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There are 2 different approaches to building a SQL Report.
Embedding Charts in Reports
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To embed a chart in a report, first create a new Quick Report, then save it as a Layout Table Report, using the Open in Report Editor button. In the Layout Table Report Designer, add a row to hold the chart, enlarge the row and merge enough cells to make room for the desired chart size, and add the chart to the layout by double-clicking in the large cell to bring up the Cell contents dialog.
Linked and Sub Reports
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Methods for creating sub-reports or linking other reports into a report.
Getting Started with Reports
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Learn about the Report Editor and how to work with reports with different types of data sources.
Charting in Reports
Embedding charts in reports.