Reports - HTML Calculated Fields
/pages/Guides/Report/Adding System and Calculated Fields/Reports HTML Calculated Fields.xml
You can now define calculated fields in a report that render as HTML. Your calculated field expression returns an HTML string which Alpha Anywhere renders. This is a very powerful new feature. It will allow users to exercise an enormous amount of creativity in formatting a report. To use this feature, define a calculated field using the new printHTML() function.
Reports - Layout Table Reports - Absolute Layout
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Layout Table Reports - Absolute Layout.xml
Layout Table Reports now support absolute positioning of fields. This feature is similar to the absolute positioning of controls in a UX component using an AbsoluteLayout container.
Missing Fonts When Printing from the Cloud
/pages/Troubleshooting/Reports/Missing Fonts When Printing From Alpha Cloud.xml
This Section Describes how to install temporary fonts during a report generation when trying to render a report with a font that is not pre-installed on Alpha Cloud.
Inserting Calculations in Reports
/pages/Guides/Report/Adding System and Calculated Fields/Inserting Calculations in Reports.xml
You can create calculated fields for individual report layouts to display calculations. Unlike calculated fields created for a table or set, a report's calculated fields are only available to that report, and not to other layouts. Calculated fields can perform calculation using data from a single record. You can also perform summary calculations, such as totals and averages, using data from multiple records. Calculated fields can also display simple calculations, such calculating today's date or the current page number. The diagram below shows examples of each of these uses.
Vertical Lines on Reports
/pages/Guides/Report/Printing Techniques/Vertical Lines on Reports.xml
Have you ever wanted to create an invoice or purchase order that has vertical lines separating the columns? This might sound easy at first, but how do you get every invoice to appear the same when the number of records varies from one to another? Using the old adage, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention," I was forced to come up with something for a customer. Since I would never know how many records might be in the child table (1), I couldn't just put a border on each field (limiting the border to right and left only). This would give me inconsistent results.
Reports - Free-form Reports - Text Dictionary Tags
/pages/Guides/Report/Design Techniques/Free-form Reports - Text Dictionary Tags.xml
You can now use text dictionary tags (...) to internationalize the labels in a report.
Reports - Sets - Active Link Tables
/pages/Guides/Report/Creating Reports/Active Link Tables in Reports and Sets.xml
When you create a new Report, Label or Letter that is based on a Set that joins Active-Link tables, Alpha Anywhere analyzes the Set structure and the definition of each of the Active-Link tables to see if the Report could instead be based on a SQL Query.
Reports - Layout Table Reports - Creating Custom Style Sheets
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Layout Table Reports - Creating Custom Style Sheets.xml
It is easy to create custom style sheets for Layout Table Reports.
Reports - Layout Table Reports - Project Reports - Text Dictionary
/pages/Guides/Report/Layout Table Reports/Layout Table Reports - Project Reports - Text Dictionary.xml
You can now insert text dictionary tags in Layout Table reports defined at the Project level. Workspace reports do not support Text Dictioanries.
Displaying Reports in Web Applications
/pages/Guides/Report/Generating Reports/Printing Reports Action Javascript.xml
Reports can be created and displayed in web applications using the "Open a Report, Label or Letter layout" Action Javascript.