Data Field Control Properties
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Data/FieldRules/Data Field Control Properties.xml
Properties are available for all form controls that are bound to a table field, variable, or a calculated value. Examples include:
Clicking View > Settings displays the Settings dialog box. This dialog box allows you to set many preferences that affect the way that Alpha Anywhere operates. A_Viewsettings.Dbf, which you may want to distribute with an application, contains a cases of the definitions for the panes on the dialog.
How to Use the Report Editor
/pages/Guides/Report/Getting Started/How to Use the Report Editor.xml
Reports are a versatile type of layout for printing data. Reports can order and select the record, group related records, and perform calculations. Report layouts can divide pages into columns, display graphics, and include page headers and footers.
What's New in Version 11
/pages/Index/What's New in Version 11.xml
Welcome to Alpha Five Version 11! If you thought we added a ton of functionality in Versions 10 and 10.5 plus the Feature Packs, you may have to recalibrate your notion of what defines a "ton of functionality".
Web Project Settings
/pages/Guides/Workspaces/Web Project Profile Properties/WebProjectSettings.xml
Different web project settings available in Alpha Anywhere
Letters, Labels, and Envelopes
/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Letter/Letters, Labels, and Envelopes.xml
Like Forms, Browses, and Reports, Letters, Labels, and Envelopes are layouts. They follow many of the same design principles, but the default layout for each is specific for its type. In Letters, Labels, and Envelopes, you use Rich Text Objects for most of their design. Alpha Anywhere Genies help you get set up easily and quickly with all three layouts.
Creating an Alpha Anywhere Database
/pages/Desktop/Tutorial/Design/View/Database/Creating an Alpha Five Database.xml
The Creating an Alpha Anywhere Database topic describes techniques appropriate for Alpha Anywhere database users. To create or modify an Alpha Anywhere database, you must leave the Web Projects Control Panel and open the Alpha Anywhere Control Panel.
Web Application Videos Released for Alpha Five Version 10
/pages/ReleaseNotes/Alpha Five Version 10 Videos.html
Form, Browse, Report, and Editing Layouts
/pages/Index/List/Form, browse, report, and editing layouts.xml
Covers a wide variety of topics such as: supercontrols, static HTML object, inserting GUIDs into fields, useful information for interactive report event handlers, and more.
Introducing the Tabbed UI Builder
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Introducing the Tabbed UI Builder.xml
Creating a well designed user interface is an important step in the process of developing an application. Once all of the components, records, forms, A5W pages, and other parts of your application have been created, it is necessary to pull them all together into one well organized structure. In Alpha Anywhere, the Tabbed UI Builder is what allows you to build a complete user interface for your application.