Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide
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Alpha Anywhere Developer's Guide for Alpha Cloud
Quick Search label
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Specifies the label for the Search button. Applies only if the Auto Submit property is set to False. This is the button that the user clicks to perform the Quick Search.
Instant Update Quick Build
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Use Instant Update Quick Build to deploy a build without having to go through the PhoneGap Genie.

Provider Configuration Guide
Handling authentication, authorization, session, and profile data.
Multi-Field Quick Filter
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The Multi-Field Quick Filter action displays the Multi-field Quick Filter dialog box, which allows the user to select multiple fields on which to base the filter. This action is defined by the user at run-time.
Quick Export to Excel
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You can easily export your data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.
Using Quick Operations
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Often, when you are viewing records in form or browse view, you would like to do a quick Operation on the data (such as Update the value in a selected field in the records that are currently selected), or copy the selected records to a new table, or move the selected records to a new table. You have no need to save the Operation definition for future use. In these cases, the ad-hoc, quick Operations are ideal because they generally involve far fewer steps than defining a new saved Operation. When viewing records in a form or Browse, you can use the Records menu for quick access to the following ad-hoc Operations.
The Quick Report Genie
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The new Quick Report Genie is considerably more useful (and attractive) than the old Genie. One key difference to note is that Quick Reports can be used as they are and saved for future editing. In contrast, the old Quick Report Genie was a one-shot, one-way starter for the Report Editor.
Quick Dialog Example
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How to create a quick dialog.
Defining a Quick Search
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The Quick Search feature allows you to make a search control part of a grid.