SQL::Arguments Object - Array
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The SQL::Arguments object supports arrays. Here are some examples.
Placing a Conditional Object
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A conditional object is a multi-level rectangular frame used to conditionally display and hide groups of objects. Conditional objects behave like tabbed subforms, except that instead of tabs, the object has multiple layers, which appear and disappear based on the expressions you enter. A layer appears when its expression evaluates to TRUE. If no expression evaluates to true, the default layer appears.
SQL::Schema Object
SQL::Schema Object properties and methods.
SQL::Statement Object
The SQL::Statement object encapsulates the parsing and properties of a SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. as a result, it's properties will change depending on the last successfully processed SQL statement. Look at the related SQL::Query, SQL::InsertStatement, SQL::UpdateStatement, or SQL::DeleteStatement objects for available properties in each of these cases.
SQL::ImportStatement Object
The SQL::ImportStatement object parses and executes an Alpha Anywhere Portable SQL import statements of the general form.
SQL::InsertStatement Object
The SQL::InsertStatement object encapsulates the parsing and properties of a SQL INSERT statement. as a result, it has the most properties. Its children are the various clauses that make up a complete INSERT statement.
SQL::Query::Join Object
Internal use only. The SQL::Query::Join object fully describes the joining of a parent table to a referenced table. Key properties include .JoinType and (if an outer join) the .OuterJoinType.
A5.ControlBar.Animation Object
Definition of a redraw animation in the control bar.
A5.ControlBar.Disclosure Object
Definition of a named disclosure.
Conditional Object Example
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This topic refers to the AlphaSports sample database provided with Alpha Anywhere.