Row Expander
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Once your grid separated into different groups, you might want to add the ability to expand and contract those groups. This might allow users to move through the records in your grid in your more quickly and can free up space on the screen. This section allows you to design the Row Expander in your grid and how you want it to look and operate.
Row expander linked Content
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If you selected the 'LinkedContent' option under the Row expander type property then this is where you define what the row links to.
Row expander type
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The ' LinkedGrids ' option allows selecting one or more grid components that can be linked to the current record in the row.
Has row expander
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The row expander is another method to show information related to a record on a row. A column is added with a 'plus'   icon that can be selected to 'expand the row'. A minus  icon will be shown after the row is expanded that can be selected to close the expanded row. There are 2 row expander types.
Advanced use of "ShowRowExpanderIcon" event
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When you use the Row Expander feature in a grid, by default, the expand icon is shown next to each row in the grid, regardless of whether that row actually has any records. In some cases, you might want to suppress the row expander icon from showing if there if there are no child records. You can do this using the ShowRowExpanderIcon event.
ShowRowExpanderIcon Event
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This event fires when an existing row is rendered, if the row has a Row Expander. If the function returns .t., the Expander icon is show. Otherwise, it is hidden.

{grid.object}.rowCollapse Method
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Close the row expander for the specified row.
listObj.rowExpander Method
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Optional. A JSON object that defines animation settings.
{grid.object}.rowExpand Method
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Opens the row expander for the specified row.
{grid.object}.rowExpandToggle Method
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Toggles the row expander for the specified row. If the row expander was closed, it is opened, and vice versa.