[Row Spacer] Properties
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Fields/Grid Field Properties/Control Properties/Row Spacer Properies.xml
A [Row Spacer] control adds a row to the Grid Layout.
Has 'Add Row' button
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Props/repsec/Has 'Add Row' button.xml
Defines if the repeating section should have an 'Add Row' button.
SQL::Row::ColumnNumber Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/SQL/Row/ColumnNumber Method.xml
Get the number of the column named.
Reporting::ReportGenerator.SubreportExpand Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Reporting/ReportGenerator/SubreportExpand Method.xml
Generate an expanded subreport inside a current report context.
Specifying the Row Background Color
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Xdialog/Specifying the Row Background Color.xml
In this next example, we show how you can control the row color for each row in a list box. The owner draw specification for controlling the row background color is:
SQL::Row Class
SQL::Row Class properties and methods
SQL::Row::FormatData Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/SQL/Row/FormatData Method.xml
Format the data for the column name, index or definition specified.
RowHeight Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Office/Spreadsheet/RowHeight Method.xml
Returns the currently assigned height for a row.
Error page 'Row' heading
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/The Detail View/Detail View Properties/Validation/errorpagerowheading.xml
Specify column title for 'Row number' column.
Javascript Row Events
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Javascript Row Events/index.xml
You can set JavaScript events in the JavaScript - Row Events properties section on the Grid Properties page. You can also set events using the JavaScript section of the Field Properties list on the Fields page.