Send/Receive Individual Layout Definitions
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In Alpha Anywhere, Layouts (Reports, Labels, Forms, Browses and Letters) are all stored in the data dictionary for the table or set on which the Layout is based. In the case of a table, the data dictionary files have these extensions: .ddd, .ddm and .ddx. In the case of a set, the data dictionary files have these extensions: .set, .sem and .sex. Because all of the Layouts for a particular table or set are stored in the same physical data dictionary files, it is difficult for a developer to send a client an individual Layout. You can easily send a client a new copy of the data dictionary (.ddd, .ddm and .ddx files in the case of a table, or .set, .sex and .sem files in the case of a set), but doing so will overwrite any Layouts that the client created, or modified. Now, you can simply right click on any Layout and select Send Layout.
Alpha Five V10
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Improvements from Alpha Five V10
Send Tables, Sets, and Workspaces
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You can send Alpha Anywhere tables, sets, or entire workspaces via email.
Send a Layout via E-mail
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The Send a Layout via Email action allows you to print, preview, email, or save a layout in a variety of formats.
Layout Objects and Functions
Objects and functions for manipulating various layouts in Desktop applications.
Checkboxes and RadioButtons - Columnar Layout
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There is an option to lay out the choices in a checkbox or radiobutton group in multiple rows and columns. You can specify the 'snaking' style - left-to-right-then-top-to-bottom, or top-to-bottom-then-left-to-right.
SQL Server Triggers: Last Inserted Identity is for Child Record not Parent (Alpha Five V10 and older)
/documentation/pages/Guides/Databases/Troubleshooting/AlphaDAO SQL Server Identity Fields Triggers Bug.xml

In Alpha Five Version 10 and prior, an issue exists where the identity returned for the last inserted record is for a child table and not the master table. This issue only applies to SQL Server where an Insert Trigger has been defined. This issue is fixed in Alpha Anywhere.

Grid, Tabbed UI and Page Layout Builder - Search for Property
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A new feature has been added to these builders that allows you to search for a property in the Grid. This makes it very easy to find a particular property that you want to edit. A 'search' hyperlink is visible above each Property Grid and when you click the hyperlink, a window open. As you type in the search box, the list is filtered. Double click or press enter to give focus to the selected property.
Send Keys
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The Send Keys action specifies keystrokes to send to Alpha Anywhere or another application. Immediately before the Send Keys action to set focus? to the window and/or object to which you want to send keystrokes.
Send Set
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To email one or more components of a set as a ZIP file: