Setting the Tab Order
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The tab order controls the order in which the cursor moves on the form between fields, buttons, tabbed controls, and browse objects. By default, the tab order is set so that the cursor moves from object-to-object in the order in which they were placed. There two ways to set the tab order: by Example or by Table.
Setting Filter and Order Criteria
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You can pre-determine the order and selection of records that appear in a browse by saving filter/order criteria. When the browse is opened, the saved query is automatically run and record order and selection is determined by the saved order expression. The Filter Expression requires that the Lastname field contain the letter "a". The Order Expression orders the records on the Lastname field:
SQL Genie Order Tab
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The Order tab of the SQL Genie sequences the records that your SQL SELECT statement will return.
Set Tab Order
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Setting the Button Hot Key
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The button hot key allows you to click a button using a key combination on the keyboard instead of the mouse.
Setting the Button Width
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Xdialog/Controls/Buttons/Setting the Button Width.xml
In the above dialog, the OK button is not the same size as the Cancel button. You can set the size of a button by specifying optional character and line co-ordinates. The following script sets the buttons to 15 characters wide:
Effects of Setting Filter and Order Properties
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In forms in which you have saved filter/order criteria, queries act differently. While queries can be used to change the order of records that appear, they cannot be used to include records which do not satisfy the filter criteria you saved in the form's layout.
Setting the Script Recording Level
/pages/Guides/Xbasic/Setting the Script Recording Level.xml
You can determine whether the Script Recorder records operations (such as Append, Copy, Export etc.) as Low level, or high level Xbasic commands. For example:
A5_Structured_TabOrder Function
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/Layout/Form Functions/A5_Structured_TabOrder Function.xml
Redefine the tab order of objects in a form designer
Setting Form Properties
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The Form Properties dialog box lets you set these form properties: