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Creating sub-reports, filtering sub-report records, sub-report filter expressions, and setting the subgroup parameter for a sub-report.
Linked and Sub Reports
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Methods for creating sub-reports or linking other reports into a report.
Generating Reports
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Printing, emailing, and faxing reports.
Managing Reports
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Copying, archiving, and working with report preferences.
Creating Reports
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Creating reports
Linked Reports
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Linked Reports are Layout Table reports embedded into other reports, and linked with the host report on some field. Linked Reports are similar to Subreports, but more flexible — and, in fact, similar in functionality to Subreports in some other products. Using linked reports allows you to create ledger reports, among other useful report patterns that were not previously possible. In a ledger report, the Debit and Credit tables are both linked to the account table on the Account ID field, and it is possible to compute a balance on the account. Structurally, this pattern is the same as for a customer statement report that displays orders and payments.
Quick Reports
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Building reports with the Quick Report Genie
Creating Reports
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There are two approaches to creating reports.
Layout Table Reports
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Learn how to create and use Layout Table Reports.
Layout Table Reports
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Alpha Anywhere now has two styles of reports, the traditional free form banded report, and a new layout table banded report. For web use, most people will want to use the new layout table report with HTML output.