/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/Database/Table/TABLE.FIELD_ADD Method.xml
Define the next field in a table.
table.INDEX_ADD Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/Database/Table/TABLE.INDEX_ADD Method.xml
The .INDEX_ADD() method adds another index tag to the index file created by TABLE.INDEX_CREATE_BEGIN() .
table.RANGE_ADD Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/Database/Table/TABLE.RANGE_ADD Method.xml
Add a range filter to the table.
A5.PanelNavigator.addPanel Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/A5/PanelNavigator_class/addPanel Method.xml
Add a panel to the navigator.
AddSheetFromResultSet Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Office/ExcelDocument/AddSheetFromResultSet Method.xml
Create a new spreadsheet and add it to the document. Add the data in the result set. Optionally include headings, select a range of rows and include a SQL::TableInfo and user context to handle advanced transformations.
Reporting::ReportDef.AddSubReport Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Reporting/ReportDef/AddSubReport Method.xml
Add a new subreport definition.
A5.ViewBox.addElementClass Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/A5/ViewBox_class/addElementClass Method.xml
The ID of the element in the view box to add the class name to. Must be prefixed with a "#", for example "#button1".
WorldPayAPI::SoapActions processSVAddValue Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/WorldPayAPI/SoapActions/processSVAddValue Method.xml
Add value to a gift card, data must include acctid as c, subid as c, merchantpin as c, ccnum as c, amount as n, expmon as n, expyear as n
AddSheetFromResultSet Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Office/Excel2003Document/AddSheetFromResultSet Method.xml
Create a new spreadsheet from a SQL::ResultSet and add it to the document.
Extension::OAuthClient AddProfile Method
/pages/Ref/Api/Namespace/Extension/OAuthClient/AddProfile Method.xml
Adds an oauth profile to the list of profiles (these are used by CreateOAuth to construct new profiles) - if profile of name already exists, profile gets replaced.