Using the Form Editor
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Form design overview and using the form editor.
Using the Browse Editor
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A browse provides a multi-record, tabular view of data in a table or set. Each row in a browse table corresponds to a record, and each column corresponds to a field. A browse can display fields from a table (or set) or selected fields. The fields can be in any order.
How to Use the Report Editor
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Reports are a versatile type of layout for printing data. Reports can order and select the record, group related records, and perform calculations. Report layouts can divide pages into columns, display graphics, and include page headers and footers.
Using the Xbasic Code Editor
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The Xbasic Code Editor is used to write Xbasic scripts in applications. It includes features, such as syntax highlighting and auto-complete, to make it easy to read and write Xbasic.
Using the Pop-up Event Editor
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The pop-up event editor provides a quick way to see what events are available for an object.
The Quick Report Genie
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The new Quick Report Genie is considerably more useful (and attractive) than the old Genie. One key difference to note is that Quick Reports can be used as they are and saved for future editing. In contrast, the old Quick Report Genie was a one-shot, one-way starter for the Report Editor.
Using the Pop-Up Event Editor - Action Scripting
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The Pop-Up Event Editor differs from the Code Editor in that it's a modal window, whereas the Code Editor is modeless. The pop-up editor is useful for making quick changes to an event, or getting a quick overview of all the events for a particular object. In this lesson you will use the form's onactivate event to maximize the form (make it fill the entire screen) whenever the form gets focus. Then you will use the form's CanSave event to fill in the shipping address fields if they haven't been set. The CanSave event fires whenever an attempt is made to save a record in a form or browse. The script typically checks if certain conditions have been met. If these conditions have not been met, the script can cancel the event (the record won't be saved).
Using an Action Script Genie in the Xbasic Editor
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Platform/Xbasic Action Scripting/Introduction/More/Using an Action Script Genie in the Xbasic Editor.xml
Just because you are in the Xbasic Code Editor does not mean you cannot take advantage of the Action Script Genies. This example shows how to use the Action Script Editor to generate code to paste into an Xbasic script.
Open a Report, Label or Letter layout
/pages/Ref/Action Javascript/Open a Report, Label or Letter layout.xml
Displays a report, label or letter layout as a PDF file using the Acrobat PDF reader. The report is displayed in either a pop-up window or in a DIV on the current page.
Using the Alpha Anywhere Internal Email Client
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Alpha Anywhere provides three utilities that combine to provide opportunities for email automation.