Introduction - Web Applications
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This tutorial is intended to help new users of Alpha Anywhere to develop fully functional web database applications. The underlying assumption of this tutorial is that you have Alpha Anywhere and the AlphaSports sample database.
Web Socket Functions
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Alpha Anywhere provides the following web socket functions.
Web Application Security
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Web publishing applications only. You can control access to your web application pages by:
Mobile and Web Components
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Components are the building blocks of Alpha Anywhere applications. A workspace can contain one or more components. Some types of components are better suited for mobile applications or web applications.
Managing Web Components
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The Web Projects Control Panel has several tools to assist in the management of the files that are used to compose web pages.
Web Publishing vs. ASP Programming
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Web Publishing as supported by Alpha Anywhere represents a new generation of technology that simplifies and speeds the process of giving access to database applications to Internet users.
Email and Web Applications
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If you wish to send emails from your web application, there are 2 approaches:
Web Application Repository
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An overview of functions relating to Web Application Repositories, tables where web applications read and write data.
Web Grid Alternate Views
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The tabular and columnar views of a grid can convey a lot of information, but the human eye is much more sensitive to shapes and colors than it is to variations text. With an alternate view of a grid, you can display the same information in a way that grabs the user. If it's geographic information, the best display might be a map. If it's scheduling information, the best display might be a calendar. Note that an Alternate view displays the same number of rows as its associated grid. This is in contrast to a Linked component or a component in a Row Expander, both of which display data linked to or contained in the current row. When using alternate views, it is important to understand that the alternate view and the main view are given the same data. If your grid has a filter, it will also apply to the alternate view. If your grid is displaying 10 records on a page, the alternate view will display the same 10 records. To enable Alternate Views, check "Has Alternate Views" in the grid properties.
Web Contact Manager Template
/pages/Guides/Workspaces/Web Contact Manager Template.xml
A basic template using SQL queries that you can use to get started.