Desktop Tables
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An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.
Using Tables
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A table is a spreadsheet-style file in which database data is stored. Data in a table is divided into records and fields, or rows and columns. For example, you want to create a table to store information from a checkbook register.
Pack Tables
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You pack a table if there have been design changes (changes to the data dictionary) or you have deleted records that you want to permanently remove. The Pack Tables action allows you to pack tables in your database. This will delete records marked for removal and compress memo files.
Active row icon
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Defines the icon shown for the active repeating row.
Refresh Passive Link Table(s)
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The Refresh Passive Link Table(s) action displays the causes Alpha Anywhere to erase the contents of the table, then retrieve the table's data from its SQL data source.
Understanding Link Alternatives
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One-to-One Links and One-to-Many Links
SQL Genie Tables Tab
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The Tables tab of the SQL Genie defines the tables that will provide the data for your report.
a5_active_link_refreshdefinition Function
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Refresh the definition of an active-link table.
Sets vs Tables
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Alpha Anywhere is a relational workspace management system. A relational system allows you establish links between data in several tables.
Refresh Passive-Link Table(s)
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The Refresh Passive-Link Table(s) action refreshes the contents of a passive-link table, optionally prompting for confirmation before clearing the table's contents.