Amyuni PDF Printer Driver
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Information relating to the Amyuni driver.
Application Server for IIS Amyuni Installer Error
/pages/Troubleshooting/Web Server/Application Server for IIS Amyuni Installer Error.xml
During the installation of Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS, the Amyuni printer can fail in some situations. This article explains how to determine the cause of the failure.
A5_InstallAmyuni Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/System/Developer Functions/A5_InstallAmyuni Function.xml
The A5_InstallAmyuni() function installs the Alpha Anywhere printer drivers. You can specify an optional folder where the InstallAmyuniPrinters.exe file is located.
Printer not activated, error code -20 (or -30)
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/Print/Printer not activated error.xml
The error message is probably telling you that somehow the Amyuni Printer Driver (called AlphaFivePrinterV4 in the Printers folder in Alpha Anywhere Version 10, and AlphaFivePrinterV4p5 in Version 11 as of Build 2235) is not properly installed.
Information about the Amyuni PDF Printer driver shipped with Alpha Anywhere.
Alpha Five Printer is not Installed
/pages/Troubleshooting/Reports/Alpha Five Printer is not Installed.xml
If the Amyuni printer is not installed, you cannot create Reports. This can be caused if the Amyuni installer failed or if the Amyuni printer was removed after installation.
a5_setamyuniprops Function
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/Miscellaneous/a5_setamyuniprops Function.xml
Displays dialog to set options for the Alpha Five Printer PDF/HTML/RTF or Text printer drivers.
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Props/js/onChange.xml
Specify the Javascript for this event. The onChange event fires when the value in the control changes. Note that some elements do not have this event.
ui_dlg_card_embed_can_close Function
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/UI Functions/XDialog/Functions/ui_dlg_card_embed_can_close Function.xml
Query an xdialog card sub-control with a can_close message - empty string returned means no problems, else a 'reason' for failure is retured.
/pages/Ref/Api/Objects/Database/Set/Open/SET.OPEN_REPAIR Method.xml
Open an existing set - repair problems interactively if encoutered.