Creating a User Defined Control
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This script shows how to create user-defined controls (based on ActivX controls) that can be used on an Xdialog. The control will be called myControl. Once the control has been defined, it can be placed on the Xdialog using the syntax {myControl=width,heightInstanceVariable} e.g. {myControl=100,20p} where p is a dot variable that defines and instance of the myControl User Defined Control. In this example, we will create a User Defined Control called myControl. This control will have two methods, setHTML()and setCSS().
User Defined Controls
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The following section gives examples of User Defined Controls (UDCs) on a form. The sample forms and Xbasic scripts can be found in the Samples\Xbasic directory off the directory in which Alpha Five was installed. Open the Xbasic database in this directory.
User-Defined Popup Help in Xdialog
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The new a5_showPopupHelp() makes it very easy to put help buttons on an Xdialog that the user can click for additional help. The help can be defined using Xdialog or HTML. (See example in Learning Xdialog.)
Creating a User-defined Component
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Follow these steps to create a User-defined Component.

Creating User-defined ControlBar Templates
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Templates can be used to create ControlBars in applications. The Save ControlBar as a Template link on the Home tab of the ControlBar is used to create user-defined templates.

Creating a Property Grid for a User-defined Component
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One way to create a Property Grid for a User-defined Component is to use the Property Grid builder in Action Scripting to generate the markup. This is invoked by creating a New Script (using Action Scripting), adding a new action, and selecting Xdialog Windows|Display an Xdialog Box.
Defined Controls
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Defined controls are controls whose functionality has largely been pre-defined. They are ready to use as soon as they are added to a component.
Xdialog Tree Controls
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Syntax for creating Tree controls in an Xdialog.
Specifying User Defined Choices
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This topic describes how to enter user defined choices for the following form control types:
User-defined Components
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A User-defined Component is the more flexible big brother of a Custom Component. Like a Custom Component, a User-defined Component can be opened in a window, a DIV, or a Tabbed UI Pane, in a linked content section of a Grid, and in a row expander of a Grid. Like a Custom Component, a User-defined Component has bindable arguments.