A5W Include files
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/Grid/Grid Properties/Miscellaneous/a5wincludefiles.xml
Specify a comma delimited list of .a5w include files. Include files must only contain Xbasic function declarations. These functions can be called from any of the server-side event handlers.
A5W_INCLUDE Function
/pages/Ref/Api/Functions/Web/Internet Functions/A5W_INCLUDE Function.xml
Includes a file within an A5W page.
Include Zero
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Props/Data/Chart Properties/Chart definition/Include Zero.xml
Include zero in the y axis.
Desktop A5W
An Alpha Anywhere User Guide to the Desktop.
Text Box A5W Directive
/pages/Ref/Desktop_Api/UI Functions/XDialog/Controls/Text Box/Text Box A5W Directive.xml
The %a5w% flag makes the text box behave like an editor for Alpha Five web pages (e.g. .a5w pages). The html tags are color coded. The text inside the <%a5w ... %> tags are interpreted as Xbasic and all of the bubble help and auto-complete for Xbasic works correctly.
How to Perform an Ajax Callback on an A5W Page
/pages/HowTo/Web Applications/How to Perform an Ajax Callback in Alpha Anywhere.xml
This document describes how you can do an Ajax callback from a hand-coded .a5w page in Alpha Anywhere.
Building A5W Web Pages
/pages/Server/Guide/Design/View/A5W/Building A5W Web Pages.xml
An A5W web page (an ASCII file with an .A5W extension) is an ordinary HTML page with embedded Xbasic code and/or Web Components. You can create an A5W web page by:
A5W Page name
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/ContainerA5Wpage/a5wpagename.xml
If an .a5w page contains a Tabbed UI Component then that page cannot contain any other component. This is different from other component types. For example, an .a5w page might contain two Grid components. Because .a5w pages that contain Tabbed UI Components are special, they are created automatically for you when the Tabbed UI Component is saved. You can specify the name of the .a5w page that is automatically created or you can let Alpha Five name it for you (the builder will create a page called 'TabbedUI_.a5w').
Container A5W page Properties
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/TabbedUI/Tabbed UI Properties/ContainerA5Wpage/index.xml
Container A5W page Properties
Filtering Records to Include Multiple Field Values
/pages/Guides/Desktop/Design/View/Database/Filtering Records to Include Multiple Field Values.xml
This demonstration of Action Scripting adds a button to the Edit_Customer_Info form. This script will restrict all the records that the form displays to those where "CT", "MA", "ME", "NH", "RI", or "VT" is the value in the Bill_State_Region field.