Getting Started Offline
How to Capture Media Files in an Offline Mobile Application
/pages/HowTo/PhoneGap/Capture Media Files.xml
Learn how to build an offline-capable PhoneGap application that can be used to capture images and audio in a disconnected environment.
How to Use SQLite to Store Database Records in Offline Applications
SQLite can be used in PhoneGap applications to store a large number of records, including images, on mobile devices.
How to Store Large Amounts of Data on a Mobile Device for Offline Use
/pages/HowTo/PhoneGap/Offline Data Storage.xml
Large amounts of data can be stored on a device's file system.
{dialog.object}._getOnlineStatus Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/UX/{dialog.object} methods/{dialog.object}._getOnlineStatus Method.xml
Returns true if the device has an internet connection. Returns false if there is no connection.
{dialog.object}._setSimulatedOnlineStatus Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/UX/{dialog.object} methods/{dialog.object}._setSimulatedOnlineStatus Method.xml
Allows you to simulate offline behavior of you component event when you have a connection.
Synchronization policy
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Controls/Props/Data/List Properties/listprops/Detail View/Detail View Properties/Synchronization policy.xml
Defines settings for Synchronizing in-memory data in the UX Component with data stored on the Server, including when modified data should be uploaded (synchronized) as well as when to check for and download new and modified records. The policy can be set to trigger when a record is saved or when the List is explicitly synched using the "Synchronize" button. Synchronization policy is only available for Lists based on a SQL Data Source.
Page title
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Properties/Application Cache/Page title.xml
Specify the page title for the static HTML page shown in the title bar in the web browser.
Javascript - updateReady
/pages/Guides/Mobile and Web Components/UX/Properties/Application Cache/Javascript - updateReady.xml
Fires when the updates to the cached files have been succesfully downloaded.
{dialog.object}.readDataCacheItems Method
/pages/Ref/Client_Api/UX/{dialog.object} methods/{dialog.object}.readDataCacheItems Method.xml
Reads multiple data items, then calls the onComplete event. Contrast with .getFromDataCache() which reads a single item.