PDF Printing Utilities
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Alpha Anywhere offers new and optional PDF printing utilities. To access these new tools select Tools > PDF Tools from the main menu.
Printing labels in a PDF
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Problem: When I download a PDF with mail labels, they don't line up on my printer when I print the PDF (usually stretched or switched from aspect).
Printing a Dialog as PDF
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This example shows how to accept user input into a dialog component and then print a PDF version of the resulting document.
PDF Printing via Microsoft XPS Printer Driver Web Project Properties
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When you print a report in a Web Application, the printing is done using the Amyuni Printer driver, which Alpha Software licenses from Amyuni. With this update, we are releasing another way to get PDF reports.
Printing Techniques
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Techniques for layout out fields and lines in reports, including suppressing space and handling data that spans multiple lines or pages.
Printing Images
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The default Display Mode for image files on reports is "Absolute". This mode prints one picture pixel per printer pixel. The result will typically produce a print image smaller than you desire.
Printing Reports
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The Printing Reports topic describes a technique available to Alpha Anywhere database users.
Print and PDF Functions
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Functions for working with PDFs and printing in Alpha Anywhere.
Printing Scripts and Functions
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To print a script or function:
Printing ActiveX Controls
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Alpha Anywhere allows you to print ActiveX controls placed on layouts in the following circumstances.