Alpha Cloud Alpha Anywhere Developers Guide Frequently Asked Questions
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Web Projects Control Panel
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A web project contains and organizes the files that you will publish. Alpha Anywhere places these files in a directory structure under the Alpha Anywhere program folder. You may have as many projects as you need, each with a distinctive name. The Web Projects Control Panel provides a view of these projects. It also organizes all of the files used in your web projects. Here you can:
IIS Overview
An overview of the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS.
Editing Objects
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Before you can change an object's properties, move, resize, or delete it, you must first select it. You select a single object by clicking on it with the Selection tool from the toolbar; you select multiple objects by either holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on each object with the selection tool, or by using the selection tool to draw a rectangle (lasso) around the objects to be selected.
Report Structure
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A Report is divided into several sections with headers and footers. These sections are the Report, Detail, and Groups sections.
Customize style colors and fonts
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Customize the style colors and fonts. This provides a simpler way to customize colors than editing the style. IMPORTANT: Changes you make here will apply to ALL components in this project that use this style.
How To
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Page links relating to how to topics.
New In Xdialog
Header sections, the Xdialog genie, embedded browses on xdialogs, {Title} command, user defined dock panels and more.
Web Socket Server
The Web Socket Server allows you to build 'connected' application (like a message board) where all of the clients are permanently connected to the Web Socket Server. To enable the Web Socket Server you must turn it on in the Project Properties dialog (accessible from the Web Applications Control Panel). You must also enable Web Socket support in any UX or Grid component that will communicate with the Web Socket server.
Moving an Access Application to the Web with Alpha Five
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In this white paper, you will learn how to move a Microsoft Access desktop application to the Web with Alpha Five. You'll see how easy it can be, and when you're done you'll understand the process well enough to undertake it yourself.